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SILC Client Library

SILC Client Library libraries for SILC clients.
Package version:1.0.2


   Frequently Asked Questions

   1. General Questions
        1.1 What is SILC?
        1.2 When was SILC Project started?
        1.3 Why SILC in the first place?
        1.4 What license covers the SILC release?
        1.5 Why SILC? Why not IRC3?
        1.6 What platforms SILC supports?
        1.7 How do you pronounce SILC?
        1.8 Where can I find more information?
        1.9 I would l


The SILC Toolkit distribution is dual-licensed distribution.  The 
following licenses govern this distribution, and you are free to choose 
either one of the licenses:

 - GNU General Public License, Version 2 	(see file GPL)
 - Revised BSD License				(see file BSD)

Choose GNU GPL if your application is also GNU GPL or other similar 
compatible Open Source licensed application.

Choose Revised BS

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