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WaveLAN plugin for the Xfce panel

A plugin for the Xfce panel that monitors a wireless LAN interface. It displays stats for signal state, signal quality and network name (SSID).
Package version:0.5.4


WaveLAN plugin for the XFce4 panel.

Displays various information about a WaveLAN device:

* Signal state (tells if a carrier signal was detected)
* Signal quality (current quality of the carrier signal)
* Network name (current SSID of the WaveLAN network)

At the time of this writing NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux are supported.


  * Version 0.5.4
  * Add an option to make the panel icon square.
  * Fix a bug that calculated the signal strength incorrectly, reporting 102%
    for some people. Your signal strength may well be reported lower now,
    but apparently it was wrong before.
  * Fix a bug where the interface wasn't activated if it was the first in
    the list.
  * Improve the handling of the k


2007-01-10 20:23  james

	* Fix a bug where the interface that is top of the list isn't used unless
		something else is selected first. It now defaults to the first interface
		found if there is no rc file or interface stored in it. This does remove
		the ability to have an instance without an associated interface, but who
		wants that anyway? Thanks to Maximilian Schleiss for the report.



Benedikt Meurer <>
Sebastian Yepes F. <>
An-Cheng Huang <>


Copyright (c) 2003 Benedikt Meurer <>
All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use in 

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