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Mailing list manager with built in Web access

Mailman is software to help manage email discussion lists, much like Majordomo and Smartmail. Unlike most similar products, Mailman gives each mailing list a webpage, and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. over the Web. Even the list manager can administer his or her list entirely from the Web. Mailman also integrates most things people want to do with mailing lists, including archiving, mail <-> news gateways, and so on.

Documentation can be found in: /usr/share/doc/mailman-2.1.12

When the package has finished installing, you will need to perform some additional installation steps, these are described in: /usr/share/doc/mailman-2.1.12/INSTALL.REDHAT

Package version:2.1.12


German translation for the Mailman project

This is currently IN PROGRESS. Direct any questions, suggestions or
flames to Peer Heinlein (

Deutsche Uebersetzung fuer das Mailman-Projekt

Diese Uebersetzung ist zur Zeit noch nicht komplettiert. Bitte wenden
Sie sich an Peer Heinlein ( mit allen Fragen,
Ideen oder Kritik.

Peer Heinlein
JPBerlin - Mail


Pasos a dar para soportar un nuevo idioma
Supongamos que vamos a soportar el idioma idioma Portugu�s (pt)
- Traducir las plantillas de $prefix/templates/en/*, aunque le resulte m�s �til traducir $prefix/templates/es/* dada la similitud de los idiomas.
- Seleccionar los ficheros que tienen cadenas a traducir, es decir, aquellos que tienen _("...") en el c�d


Mailman Euskaraz proiektuari buruz

Mailman Euskaraz proiektua aurretik zeuden bi proiektuen batueratik sortu da, 
alde batetatik Udako Euskal Unibertsitateak ( Gipuzkoa foru aldundiaren ( diru laguntzarekin eginikoa eta bestetik librezale Software 
euskaratze taldeak ( eginikoak.

Librezaleren eskutik proiektu honek aurrerantze



Mailman ohjelmiston suomentaminen

Kehitt�misehdotuksia ja kommentteja voit
l�hett�� oso


Notes de traduction :

La francisation de Mailman 2.1 est actuellement tenue � jour par Pascal GEOR


Mailman - The GNU Mailing List Management System
Copyright (C) 1998-2004 by the Free Software Founda


Traduzione italiana di Mailman.

La traduzione italiana di Mailman � realizzata da un gruppo di 


Mailman�����ܸ��򰷤��Ȥ������� (English summary in the end)

Mailman 2.1.6 �ǤϽ���ɬ�פǤ��ä��ѥ�

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Download mailman-2.1.12-17.el6.i686.rpm

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