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Development libraries for ATLAS with SSE3 extensions

This package contains shared and static versions of the ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) libraries compiled with optimizations for the SSE3 extensions to the ix86 architecture.
Package version:3.8.4


Notes on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux version of ATLAS

by Quentin Spencer
updated: October 4, 2005

updated by Deji Akingunola
October 15, 2008

Because ATLAS relies on compile-time optimizations to obtain improved
performance over BLAS and LAPACK, the resulting binaries are closely
tied to the hardware on which they are compiled, and can likely result
in very poor performance on other hardware. 


ATLAS 3.8.4 released 05/14/11, changes from 3.8.3:
   * Fixed yet another C/Z GEMM JITcp bug where C was read when BETA=0
   * Fixed lack of BETA=0 case in ATL_myger used in the gemm kernels
     ATL_mm4x4x2_1_prefCU and ATL_mm4x4x2US.
   * Fixed ATL_smm14x1x84_sseCU.c kernel error
   * Fixed C/Z GEMM JITcp bug where C was read when BETA=0
   * Fixed illegal read of C in ATL_gereal2cplx.c
   * Fix

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