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Development files for ocaml-gettext

The ocaml-gettext-devel package contains libraries and signature files for developing applications that use ocaml-gettext.
Package version:0.3.3



This library is a wrapper around gettext
(, it also provides a pure
Ocaml implementation based on camomile.

The primary target of this work is to bring internationalization to 
cameleon ( ). Before i 
can do it, i need to test and test this library... ( so i 


v 0.3.3 (Sun, 01 Nov 2009 23:59:13 +0100):
  * Upgrade ocaml-fileutils 0.4.0
  * Improve gettext-stub C parts (memory management)
  * Correctly handle OCaml string, wrt of escape char (Closes: FS#70)
  * Remove the right file when uninstalling (Closes: FS#61)
  * Enforce type safety for format string and plural (Closes: FS#72)
  * Only output warning for install check that can be handle afterwards


v 0.4.0 :
- Better parse comments, to keep licence et al 
- Try to be faster than gettext C library
- Try to get GettextStub.* and GettextDummy.* be typed GettextTypes.REALIZE_TYPE (trying to avoid
  the use of a .mli file).
- Reread the code to improve general layout (naming scheme, exception name... ie better style)
- Correct the BUG: related to bug from ocaml-fileutils
- Intercept problem when 

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