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Library for manipulating GIF format image files

The giflib package contains a shared library of functions for loading and saving GIF format image files. It is API and ABI compatible with libungif, the library which supported uncompressed GIFs while the Unisys LZW patent was in effect.
Package version:4.1.6


This is giflib version 4.1.2, a library for manipulating gif files.
Latest versions of giflib are currently hosted at:

Building this package should be as simple as:

    gmake install

Deprecation list.  Will be removed in giflib 5.0:
* GIF_ERROR and GIF_MESSAGE are on the deprecation list as they are also


Version 4.1.6
Brown paper bag release.  Fix a problem with header inclusion that could
prevent the library from building on some platforms.

Version 4.1.5
This version has some important fixes for segfaults when working with corrupt
files.  All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

Code Fixes
* Fix segfault in utilities due to referencing ColorMaps in Gi


2007-11-10 14:50  abadger1999

	* NEWS,, lib/, lib/egif_lib.c,
	  lib/gif_hash.c: 4.1.6 update.  Errors in including headers could
	  lead to build problems on some platforms.

2007-11-10 13:16  abadger1999

	* Bump release version in

2007-11-10 13:15  abadger1999

	* Remove PATENT_PROBLEMS from build rules as well.

2007-11-10 13:0


Lennie Araki
	Windows code providing a nicer interface and example program

Michael Brown <michael_b


The GIFLIB distribution is Copyright (c) 1997  Eric S. Raymond

Permission is hereby granted, free o

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