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American English male speaker "Kevin" for Festival

American English male speaker ("Kevin") for Festival.

This voice provides an American English male voice using a residual excited LPC diphone synthesis method. It uses the CMU Lexicon pronunciations. Prosodic phrasing is provided by a statistically trained model using part of speech and local distribution of breaks. Intonation is provided by a CART tree predicting ToBI accents and an F0 contour generated from a model trained from natural speech. The duration model is also trained from data using a CART tree.

Package version:0.19990610


This directory contains a diphone synthesizer voice for American English.
This distribution falls under the following copyright.   See further
notes below copyright.

                    Alan W Black and Kevin Lenzo                       
                         Copyright (c) 1998                            
                        All Rights Reserved.                           

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