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Architecture independent parts of the TeX formatting system

texlive-texmf is a texmf distribution based upon TeX Live. All of the files contained in these packages are from the TeX Live zip files. The intent is to provide a packaging similar in style and layout to teTeX.
Package version:2007


This directory contains files which provide support of Cyrillic fonts
and encodings for FONTINST.

Several font encodings (with variants) are supported (all *.etx
files).  Install all *.etx, *.mtx, *.tex files contained in this
directory and subdirectories to your texmf tree. In this package, we
support various glyph naming schemes (not only Adobe one). If you have
Cyrillic fonts which use differe


This directory contains files which can be used to make rusified
Plain TeX and other Plain TeX based formats, such as AMS-TeX, Texinfo
or BLUe TeX, using cyrillic fonts in LCY encoding (which is an 8-bit
extension of OT1 similar to cp866) or T2A encoding.

The file `plainenc.tex' provides a preliminary support of
inputenc/fontenc mechanisms for Plain TeX. It uses the standard
*unmodified* LaTeX fi


Thomas Esser, 1999. Public domain.

I hereby put this README file and the files g/generic, v/vt100 and
x/xterm into the public donain.

The files contained in the subdirectories are provided, because
texconfig havily relies on a properly installed terminfo system.

Some systems have buggy or touble-causing terminfo files and/or
a buggy curses library. Therefore, the dialog program provided
by me i


pstricks.tex --------
1.15  2006-12-19  - add support for more dot styles (from Etienne Riga) 

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