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Simplified DocBook is a small subset of the DocBook XML DTD

Simplified DocBook is an attempt to provide a proper subset of DocBook that is simultaneously smaller and still useful. Documents written in the subset must be 100% legal DocBook documents. This is a subset for single documents (articles, white papers, etc.), so there's no need for books or sets, just 'articles'. Simplified DocBook documents are viewable in online browsers if styled with CSS. (it's XML not SGML).
Package version:1.1


docbook-simple for Fedora

The Simplified DocBook XML DTD is a small subset of the DocBook XML
DTD having only ~100 elements. The full version has ~380 elements.

Online documentation of the content models for this dtd is here:

This DTD only supports simple documents, e.g. 'article' or 'refentry',
rather than the more comple

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