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Norman Walsh's schemas (DTD, Relax NG, W3C schema) for Docbook 5.X

Docbook 5.X is a complete rewrite of Docbook in RELAX NG and not compatible with previous Docbook versions. This package contains Relax NG , DTD and W3C schema for Docbook 5.X. Syntax of those schemas is XML-compliant and is developed by the OASIS consortium.
Package version:5.0


README for the DocBook Schema

For more information about DocBook, please see

Please send all questions, comments, concerns, and bug reports to the
DocBook mailing list:

This distribution contains:

  README                 This file
  VERSION                The version of DocBook in this distribution
  docs/                  Doc


2008-02-06 14:01  nwalsh

	* spec/docbook.xml: Fix document draft status

2008-02-06 13:57  nwalsh

	* howto/howto.xml: Fixed pubdate

2008-02-06 13:53  nwalsh

	* spec/docbook.xml: Fixed pubdate

2008-02-06 13:52  nwalsh

	* dbforms/dbforms.rnc, dbforms/htmlform.rnc, defguide/defguide.rnc,
	  docbook/docbook.rnc, docbookxi/docbookxi.rnc,
	  docbookxi/xinclude.rnc, spec/docbook.xml, src/admonition

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