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A compiler/language for writing Python extension modules

Pyrex is Python with C types. It is specially designed to allow you to write extension modules for Python that have the speed of C and the simplicity and readability of Python. You write your code in a Python-like language with C-typed variables, then use the pyrexc compiler to transform it into a C representation. This is useful for speeding up critical sections of your Python code or wrapping an external library.

Please see the documentation for how to get the best performance from your code.

Package version:


This example demonstrates how you can wrap a C API
that has a callback interface, so that you can
pass Python functions to it as callbacks.

The files cheesefinder.h and cheesefinder.c
represent the C library to be wrapped.

The file cheese.pyx is the Pyrex module
which wraps it.

The file demonstrates how to
call the wrapper.


This example demonstrates how Pyrex-generated code
can be called directly from a main program written in C.

In this example, the module's initialisation function
(called "initembedded", since the module is called
"embedded") is called explicitly. This is necessary
because the module is not being imported using the
normal Python import mechanism.

The Windows makefiles were contributed by
Duncan B


Welcome to Pyrex!

This is a development version of Pyrex, a language
for writing Python extension modules.

For more info, see:

    Doc/About.html for a description of the language
    INSTALL.txt    for installation instructions
    USAGE.txt      for usage instructions
    Demos          for usage examples

Comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. are

Copyright stuf


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              <meta h


Bug fixes:

  - Incorrect code generated for Python indexing with an unsigned int.



Const types.

Tuple/list construction: Evaluate & store items one at a time?

Varargs argument trave

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