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Create bubble-babble fingerprints

Digest::BubbleBabble takes a message digest (generated by either of the MD5 or SHA-1 message digest algorithms) and creates a fingerprint of that digest in "bubble babble" format. Bubble babble is a method of representing a message digest as a string of "real" words, to make the fingerprint easier to remember. The "words" are not necessarily real words, but they look more like words than a string of hex characters.

Bubble babble fingerprinting is used by the SSH2 suite (and, consequently, by Net::SSH::Perl, the Perl SSH implementation) to display easy-to-remember key fingerprints. The key (a DSA or RSA key) is converted into a textual form, digested using Digest::SHA1, and run through bubblebabble to create the key fingerprint.

Package version:0.01


BubbleBabble(3)  User Contributed Perl Documentation BubbleBabble(3)

       Digest::BubbleBabble - Create bubble-babble fingerprints

           use Digest::BubbleBabble qw( bubblebabble );
           use Digest::SHA1 qw( sha1 );

           my $fingerprint = bubblebabble( Digest => sha1($message) );

       Digest::BubbleBabble takes a message digest (generated by


$Id: Changes,v 1.2 2001/05/03 01:15:20 btrott Exp $

Revision history for Digest::BubbleBabble

0.01 2001.05.02
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19

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