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Test case module for Perl

MakeMaker assumes that you want to run all of the .t files in the t/ directory in ascii-betical order during make test unless you say otherwise. This leads to some interesting naming schemes for test files to get them in the desired order. You can specify any order or any files that you like, though, with the test directive to WriteMakefile. Test::Manifest looks in the t/test_manifest file to find out which tests you want to run and the order in which you want to run them. It constructs the right value for MakeMaker to do the right thing.
Package version:1.22


Manifest(3)      User Contributed Perl Documentation     Manifest(3)

       Test::Manifest - interact with a t/test_manifest file

               # in Makefile.PL
               eval "use Test::Manifest";

               # in the file t/test_manifest, list the tests you want
               # to run

       Test::Harness assumes that you want to run all of the .t


$Id: Changes 2350 2007-10-28 02:24:12Z comdog $

1.22 - Sat Oct 27 21:24:10 2007
	* distro cleanups after moving from CVS to SVN

1.21 - Wed Sep 19 19:45:27 2007
	* [BUGFIX] getting rid of Test::More

1.17 - Thu Feb 22 13:20:23 2007
	* Updated to Sourceforge's SVN repository
	* Dist conforms to META 1.2 spec
	* No feature changes, so no big hurry to upgrade

1.16 - Tue Aug 29 17:43:16 2006
	* Adde

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