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Documentation for the Python programming language.

The python-docs package contains documentation on the Python programming language and interpreter. The documentation is provided in ASCII text files and in LaTeX source files.

Install the python-docs package if you'd like to use the documentation for the Python language.

Package version:2.4.3


Python Misc subdirectory

This directory contains files that wouldn't fit in elsewhere.  Some
documents are only of historic importance.

Files found here

ACKS		Acknowledgements
AIX-NOTES	Notes for building Python on AIX
BeOS-NOTES	Notes for building on BeOS replacement for BeOS, see BeOS-NOTES
cheatsheet	Quick summary of Python by 


Python News

(editors: check for information about editing NEWS using ReST.)

What's New in Python 2.4.3?

*Release date: 29-MAR-2006*

Core and builtins

- A few reference leaks were squished.

- A threading issue that caused random segfaults on some platforms from 
  the testsuite was fixed in test_capi.

- Reverted 

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