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Convenience functions for dbus services

The Simple Library for Python packages contain miscellaneous code for convenience, extension and workaround purposes.

This package provides slip.dbus.service.Object, which is a dbus.service.Object derivative that ends itself after a certain time without being used and/or if there are no clients anymore on the message bus, as well as convenience functions and decorators for integrating a dbus service with PolicyKit.

Package version:0.2.20


This package contains slip.dbus.service.Object which has these features:

1) It easily allows to create dbus-activated services which end themselves when
their clients disconnect from the bus. This is helpful if you want your service
to survive along with its client(s) because it e.g. contains non-trivial state,
does other things on startup which are expensive in some way or monitors other


To use this example code, you have to install some files into system locations.
Run "make example_install" as root from this directory to do that, "make
example_uninstall" will uninstall these files again.

After installing, there are two ways to run the example service right now:

1. Run "./" as root from this directory. This will let
you see the output of the example mec

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