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Common files of culmus-fonts

The culmus-fonts package contains fonts for the display of Hebrew from the Culmus project.

This package consists of files used by other culmus-fonts packages.

Package version:0.103


Culmus Hebrew fonts

27-Feb-2009: Version 0.103
This is a bugfix release for David TrueType fonts. 

 1. Fixed "yod-hiriq" placement.
 2. Fixed bad "dagesh" placement in some circumstances.
 3. Added "qamats qatan" and a few other diacritics.
 4. "Vav with holam haser" distinguished from "holam male".

17-Jul-2008: Version 0.102


This package is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License
version 2 (see file GNU-GPL).
Miriam font family is copyright 2004 by Maxim Iorsh
( All rights reserved.

Yehuda font family is copyright 2004 by Maxim Iorsh
( All rights reserved.

Drugulin font family


(c) Copyright 1989-1992, Bitstream Inc., Cambridge, MA.

You are hereby granted permission under all Bitstream propriety rights
to use, copy, modify, sublicense, sell, and redistribute the 4 Bitstream
Charter (r) Type 1 outline fonts and the 4 Courier Type 1 outline fonts
for any purpose and without restriction; provided, that this notice is
left intact on all copies of such fonts and that Bitstre

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