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Common files for the Dejavu font set

The DejaVu font set is based on the “Bitstream Vera” fonts, release 1.10. Its purpose is to provide a wider range of characters, while maintaining the original style, using an open collaborative development process.

This package consists of files used by other DejaVu packages.

Package version:2.30


DejaVu fonts 2.30 (c)2004-2009 DejaVu fonts team

The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts
( Its purpose is to provide a wider range of
characters (see status.txt for more information) while maintaining the
original look and feel.

DejaVu fonts are based on Bitstream Vera fonts version 1.10.



Changes from 2.29 to 2.30

* added U+0462-U+0463 to Mono (by Denis Jacquerye) 
* corrected U+1E53 in Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
* added U+1E4C-U+1E4D to Mono and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit) 
* added U+1E78-U+1E79 to Mono (by Gee Fung Sit) 
* fixed missing diacritics in Latin Extended Additional in Sans ExtraLight
  (moved stacked diacritics out of PUA in the process) (by Gee Fung Sit) 
* fixed anchors o


abysta at
Adrian Schroeter
Andrey Valentinovich Panov
Ben Laenen
Besarion Gugushvili
Bhikkhu Pesala
Clayborne Arevalo
Dafydd Harries
Danilo Segan
Davide Viti
David Jez
David Lawrence Ramsey
Denis Jacquerye
Dwayne Bailey
Eugeniy Meshcheryakov
Gee Fung Sit
Heikki Lindroos
James Cloos
James Crippen
John Karp
Keenan Pepper
Lars Naesbye Christensen
Mashrab Kuvatov
Max Berger
Mederic Boquien


Fonts are (c) Bitstream (see below). DejaVu changes are in public domain.
Glyphs imported from Arev 



$Id: BUGS 80 2004-11-13 13:12:02Z src $

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