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SELinux tools for managing policy

Security-enhanced Linux is a patch of the Linux kernel and a number of utilities with enhanced security functionality designed to add mandatory access controls to Linux. The Security-enhanced Linux kernel contains new architectural components originally developed to improve the security of the Flask operating system. These architectural components provide general support for the enforcement of many kinds of mandatory access control policies, including those based on the concepts of Type Enforcement, Role-based Access Control, and Multi-level Security.

The tools and libraries in this release include:

1. libapol: The main policy.conf analysis library, which is the core library for all our tools.

See the help files for apol for help on using the tools.

Package version:3.0

Browse inside setools-3.0-3.el5.src.rpm

358 B2014-11-28apol.desktop  view  3 mirrors
1.41 KB2014-11-28apol.png  3 mirrors
1.25 KB2014-11-28HEADER  view  44 mirrors
49 B2014-11-28seaudit.console  view
383 B2014-11-28seaudit.desktop  view  3 mirrors
1.30 KB2014-11-28seaudit.png  3 mirrors
338 B2014-11-28sediffx.desktop  view  3 mirrors
1.38 KB2014-11-28sediffx.png  3 mirrors
1.23 MB2014-11-28setools-3.0.tar.bz2
97 B2014-11-28setools.pam  view  5 mirrors
1.87 KB2014-11-28setools-rhat.patch  view
13.94 KB2014-11-28setools.spec  view

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