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A command line CD/DVD recording program.

Cdrecord is an application for creating audio and data CDs. Cdrecord works with many different brands of CD recorders, fully supports multi-sessions and provides human-readable error messages.
Package version:2.01


# @(#)README	1.25 02/12/25 Copyright 1996-2002 J. Schilling

This is Version 2.0 of cdrecord

Cdrecord allows you to create CD's on a CD-Recorder.
Cdrecord runs on:

SunOS 4.1.3 or later:	m68k sparc
Solaris 2.3 or later:	sparc x86 ppc.

Linux:			alpha x86 IA-64 m68k mips mipsel parisc parisc64 ppc s390 sparc sparc64 strongarm

FreeBSD:		alpha arm IA-64 powerpc sparc sparc64 x86 x86-64
NetBSD:			al


# @(#)README.ATAPI	1.3 04/05/20 Copyright 1997-2004 J. Schilling

People (with a Linux only background) often ask me why do you depend on 
"ATAPI-SCSI emulation", why don't you support generic IDE?

	Well first a statement: There is no single IDE burner out!
	Even a CD-ROM cannot be used decently if you use only IDE commands.
	Opening/closing the door, playing audio and similar things
	cannot be d


It seems that some include files that are needed to compile
e.g. the SCSI transport stuff are only present if you install
the kernel building stuff.

If you have problems to compile because some include files are 
missing, look into /sys and verify if all files are present or
(if they are symlinks) point to present files.

There is no working mapping between the SCSI bus,target,lun
notation and de


New driveropts= option "tattoofile=". Use together with -checkdrive 
to write an image of the right 


Important notice for ATAPI support on FreeBSD:

A long time it was not possible to decently write CD


NOTE: you should also read README.xxxBSD

Cdrecord now supports ATAPI drives on NetBSD

The sparc ho


On OpenBSD releases between December 11th and December 30th 2002
there is a bug in /usr/include/ctyp


To compile on QNX you will need smake-1.2a3 or later.
It looks like GNUmake has a bug that prevents 

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