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Programs for backing up and restoring ext2/ext3 filesystems

The dump package contains both dump and restore. Dump examines files in a filesystem, determines which ones need to be backed up, and copies those files to a specified disk, tape, or other storage medium. The restore command performs the inverse function of dump; it can restore a full backup of a filesystem. Subsequent incremental backups can then be layered on top of the full backup. Single files and directory subtrees may also be restored from full or partial backups.

Install dump if you need a system for both backing up filesystems and restoring filesystems after backups.

Package version:0.4b41


$Id: README,v 1.3 1999/10/11 13:31:04 stelian Exp $

	This is a test release of dump 0.4.

	See the file CHANGES for a list of changes from the previous version.

	See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

	If you encounter problems with the dump and restore backup suite,
please contact the maintainers and send them a detailled bug report.


DUMP(8)              System management commands              DUMP(8)

       dump - ext2/3 filesystem backup

       dump [-level#] [-ackMnqSuv] [-A file] [-B records] [-b blockÔÇÉ
       size] [-d density] [-D file] [-e inode numbers] [-E file] [-f
       file]  [-F  script]  [-h level] [-I nr errors] [-jcompression
       level] [-L label] [-Q file] [-s feet] [-T date] [-y]  [-zc


RESTORE(8)           System management commands           RESTORE(8)

       restore  -  restore  files  or file systems from backups made
       with dump

       restore -C [-cdHklMvVy] [-b blocksize]  [-D  filesystem]  [-f
       file] [-F script] [-L limit] [-s fileno] [-T directory]

       restore  -i  [-acdhHklmMNouvVy]  [-A file] [-b blocksize] [-f
       file] [-F script] 


$Id: CHANGES,v 1.282 2006/01/02 15:24:22 stelian Exp $

Changes between versions 0.4b40 and 0.4b41 (


$Id: TODO,v 1.25 2005/05/02 15:10:44 stelian Exp $

Need to verify:

1.	Verify that 


$Id: THANKS,v 1.89 2004/12/14 14:07:56 stelian Exp $

Dump and restore were written by the people of


 *	Ported to Linux's Second Extended File System as part of the
 *	dump and restore backup suit

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