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A command line CD/DVD recording program

Wodim is an application for creating audio and data CDs. Wodim works with many different brands of CD recorders, fully supports multi-sessions and provides human-readable error messages.
Package version:1.1.9


The file attached below provides a short explanation about the nature of ATAPI
and the support for it on various platforms. However, it was written for an
old version of cdrtools by Joerg Schilling and completed with even older guides
supplied by other authors, therefore parts of the content are no longer true or
are not applicable anymore. Read and interpret with care!

See README.ATAPI.setup fo


Howto setup an ATAPI CD-RW/DVD+-RW recorder on Debian/Ubuntu

This guide should be applicable to most kernel 2.6 using distributions of
GNU/Linux. For installations with kernel 2.4, continue reading below.

Kernel 2.6.*

If you have just one CD writer in your computer, CD-writing should work out of
the box. There should be a


Why do I hear only noise from my first audio CD?

You may have a byte swapping problem, try wodim -swab
but note that is is most unlikely that you need to use the -swab
option from wodim unless your input files are broken.
It makes more sense to find out why the inout files are not OK.

wodim assumes Motorola/Network byte order (big-endian) on input
regardless of the byte order of the CD-Recorder.


Wodim and genisoimage allow you to create multi-session CD's with all
supported drives.

According t


CD-Text Usage (to copy CD-Text from master CD):

	icedax -D 6,0 -vall -B	# To extract audio informat


Ho to copy CD's and CD-R/CD-RW's

Copying audio CD's:

If you want to copy audio CD's, look for 'ice


Creating multi-session CDs/DVDs Mini Howto FAQ

Multi-session filesystems are a trick that comes fro


The Remote-SCSI protocol gives you SCSI-Anywhere features.

The protocol used by netscsid is based o

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