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Creates an image of an ISO9660 filesystem.

The mkisofs program is used as a pre-mastering program; i.e., it generates the ISO9660 filesystem. Mkisofs takes a snapshot of a given directory tree and generates a binary image of the tree which will correspond to an ISO9660 filesystem when written to a block device. Mkisofs is used for writing CD-ROMs, and includes support for creating bootable El Torito CD-ROMs.

Install the mkisofs package if you need a program for writing CD-ROMs.

Package version:2.01


# @(#)README	1.7 99/11/23 joerg


	This program requires a lot of virtual memory to run since it
builds all of the directories in memory.  The exact requirements
depend upon a lot of things, but for Rock Ridge discs 12Mb would not
be unreasonable.  Without RockRidge and without the translation
tables, the requirements would be considerably less.

Notes for versi


Transparent decompression (-z option) is available on Linux kernels
using kernel version 2.4.14 or 2.4.9-ac14 or later.

You also need the zisofs-tools package, containing the mkzftree
utility, to create the compressed files; this package is available at:

The mkzftree utility can also be used to read compressed CD-ROMs on
systems which do not suppo


/* @(#)README.eltorito	1.2 00/03/18 eric */

What is El Torito?
Simply put, El Torito is a specification that says how a cdrom should
be formatted such that you can directly boot from it.

The "El Torito" spec says that ANY cdrom drive should work (scsi/eide)
as long as the BIOS supports El Torito. So far this has only been
tested with EIDE drives because none of the scsi contro


# @(#)README.graft_dirs	1.1 00/01/12 joerg
This is from "Eduardo M. A. M. Mendes" <mendes@mgconect


Making HFS bootable CDs

The HFS boot code in mkisofs/mkhybrid is now very out of date ...


Find file types by using a modified "magic" file

Based on file v3.22 by Ian F. Darwin (see libfile


Hiding files on a CD

This document attempts to show how to hide files from be


Some thoughts on Joliet - why it is a dumb idea to have a CD
with Joliet enhancements but without Ro

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