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Python bindings for the gamin library

The gamin-python package contains a module that allow monitoring of files and directories from the Python language based on the support of the gamin package.
Package version:0.1.7


Gamin is a file and directory monitoring system defined to be
a subset of the FAM (File Alteration Monitor) system.
 The main goals of the project are:
 1/ minimize the security model of FAM
 2/ simplify the code base
 3/ provide an API and ABI compatible replacement for FAM
 4/ try to fix some other issues like resou


        NEWS file for gamin

  Note that this is automatically generated from the news webpage at:

0.1.7: Oct 27 2005:
   - Portability fixes (Diego Petten´┐Ż, Sjoerd Simons, Daichi Kawahata)
   - A small memory leak fix (Christopher Aillon)
   - Fixes for gam_server segfaults (Ed Catmur, DV)
   - One last patch for Python detection

0.1.6: S


Thu Oct 27 15:28:14 CEST 2005 Daniel Veillard <>

	* NEWS doc/*: release of 0.1.7

Thu Oct 27 13:00:25 CEST 2005 Daniel Veillard <>

	* server/gam_listener.c: applied patch from Ed Catmur fixing 
	  gam_server segfaulting on inotify backend, should fix #319697

Thu Oct 27 12:51:17 CEST 2005 Daniel Veillard <>

	* c


 - merge GAMIN_EVENT_ with FAMEvents ?
 - try to use getlogin and $USER to get the user name
 - doc 


Daniel Veillard <>

and parts borrowed from marmot are from:
James Willcox  <jwil


See the AUTHORS and the COPYING file for informations.

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