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Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API

ladspa-devel contains the ladspa.h header file.

Definitive technical documentation on LADSPA plug-ins for both the host and plug-in is contained within copious comments within the ladspa.h header file.

Package version:1.13



<P>[Version numbers relate to the SDK, not the <CODE>ladspa.h</CODE>
header file itself.]</P>

<H2>Version 1.01 - 2 Apr 2000</H2>

<LI>Initial Release with header file, limited documentation, three
plugins and two hosts.</LI>


<H2>Version 1.02 - 4 May 2000</H2>

<LI>Introduction of version numbering for SDK.</LI>

<LI>Plugins added, bringing basic example set to 


<H1>LADSPA and LADSPA SDK License</H1>

<P>The LADSPA Software Development Kit and the LADSPA plugin API
itself are licensed under <A HREF="COPYING">LGPL version 2.1</A>.</P>

<P>Please note that this is <EM>not intended to be the final license
for LADSPA</EM>. In the long term it is hoped that LADSPA will have a
public license that is even less restrictive, so that commercial
applications can use

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