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Python bindings for the libxslt library

The libxslt-python package contains a module that permits applications written in the Python programming language to use the interface supplied by the libxslt library to apply XSLT transformations.

This library allows to parse sytlesheets, uses the libxml2-python to load and save XML and HTML files. Direct access to XPath and the XSLT transformation context are possible to extend the XSLT language with XPath functions written in Python.

Package version:1.1.17


     XSLT support for libxml2 (XML toolkit from the GNOME project)

Full documentation is available on-line at

This code is released under the MIT Licence see the Copyright file.
To report bugs, follow the instructions at:

A mailing-list is available, to subscribe:



        NEWS file for libxslt

  Note that this is automatically generated from the news webpage at:

The change log at 
 describes the recents commits
to the CVS at
 code base.Those are the public releases made:
1.1.16: May 01 2006:
   - portability fixes: EXSLT date/time on Solaris and IRIX (Albert Ch


Daniel Veillard:
   DV on #gnome IRC channel
   Used to work at W3C, now Red Hat
   co-chair of W3C XML Linking WG
   invited expert on the W3C XML Core WG
   Author of libxml upon which this library is based.

Bjorn Reese:
   Software developer at


Licence for libxslt except libexslt

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