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A C library for parsing command line parameters.

Popt is a C library for parsing command line parameters. Popt was heavily influenced by the getopt() and getopt_long() functions, but it improves on them by allowing more powerful argument expansion. Popt can parse arbitrary argv[] style arrays and automatically set variables based on command line arguments. Popt allows command line arguments to be aliased via configuration files and includes utility functions for parsing arbitrary strings into argv[] arrays using shell-like rules.
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This is the popt command line option parsing library. While it is similiar
to getopt(3), it contains a number of enhancements, including:

	1) popt is fully reentrant
	2) popt can parse arbitrary argv[] style arrays while 
	   getopt(2) makes this quite difficult
	3) popt allows users to alias command line arguments
	4) popt provides convience functions for parsing strings
	   into argv[] style ar


POPT(3)               Linux Programmer's Manual              POPT(3)

       popt - Parse command line options

       #include <popt.h>

       poptContext poptGetContext(const char * name, int argc,
                                  const char ** argv,
                                  const struct poptOption * options,
                                  int flags);

       void p


1.5 -> 1.6
	- add ability to perform callbacks for every, not just first, match.

1.3 -> 1.5
	- heavy dose of const's
	- poptParseArgvString() now NULL terminates the list

1.2.3 -> 1.3
	- added support for single -
	- misc bug fixes
	- portability improvements

1.2.2 -> 1.2.3
	- fixed memset() in help message generation (Dale Hawkins)
	- added extern "C" stuff to popt.h for C++ compilers (Dale Ha


Copyright (c) 1998  Red Hat Software

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person ob

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