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Create and manipulate C data types from Python

python-ctypes is a python module to create and manipulate C data types in Python, and to call functions in dynamic link libraries/shared dlls. It allows wrapping these libraries in pure Python.
Package version:1.0.2


I added support to run ctypes from a CVS sandbox without the need to
install the package. This even works for different Python versions
on the same machine, or different machines sharing the same directory.

This behaviour is implemented by the file in this
directory.  When imported, it replaces itself in sys.modules by the
correct _ctypes.pyd / file from the platform specifi



    ctypes is a ffi (Foreign Function Interface) package for Python.

    It allows to call functions exposed from dlls/shared libraries and
    has extensive facilities to create, access and manipulate simpole
    and complicated C data types transparently from Python - in other
    words: wrap libraries in pure Python.

    ctypes runs on Windows, Windows CE, MacOS X, Linux, Solaris,


2006-11-07  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Fixed the and loader modules to work
	independend of the cwd.

2006-10-20  Thomas Heller  <>

	* Replaced the mechanism to run ctypes from the SVN sandbox: a file at top-level loads the _ctypes.pyd /
	extension module from the platform specific build directory
	without installing


       Copyright (c) 2000 - 2006 Thomas Heller

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any


- Memory leak in the _pointer_type_cache dictionary since types are
  made immortal.

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