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Documentation for the Qt 3 GUI toolkit

The qt3-devel-docs package contains the man pages, the HTML documentation and example programs for Qt 3.
Package version:3.3.8b


This examples directory contains lots of Qt examples. And there are
additional examples in ../tools/designer/examples/ and in the
extensions subdirectories. The documentation contains two detailed Qt
tutorials and additional tutorials for Qt Designer. The examples here
are useful for learning particular Qt classes and techniques, but to
learn Qt itself we recommend starting with the documentation'


The aclock program displays an analog clock widget.

See also the dclock sample that displays a digital LCD clock and can
switch between time and date.


This example program shows how to use

 - different types of buttons
 - different types of groupboxes

The buttons which are used are radiobuttons, checkboxes (also tristate
checkboxes), normal pusbuttons and toggleable pushbuttons. These
buttons are seperated in four groups using groupboxes. The example
shows how to make a buttongroup totally exclusive (only one button can
be checked), exclusive 


The cursor sample program displays the predefined cursors and
creates a custom bitmap cursor.


The dclock program displays a digital LCD clock and can switch
between time and date.

See also the 


The desktop demo contains three routines, each of which draws simple
shapes on the desktop.



The drawdemo program demonstrates several drawing functions and printer


The connect program connects points with lines.  Drag the mouse
inside the widget and release it.  I

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