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A fast metadata parser for yum

Fast metadata parser for yum implemented in C.
Package version:1.1.2


YUM metadata parser written in C.

* Why? 
The biggest complaint people have with YUM is often the performance of parsing
the metadata. This implementation should be ~10 times faster, parsing the
primary.xml file under 1 second usually, filelists.xml under 3 seconds and
other.xml under 4 seconds. It uses a lot less memory as well, some testings
I have done show it uses ~4mb instead of 40mb standar


2007-08-24  Seth Vidal <>

	*, yum-metadata-parser.spec: bump version number

2007-08-24  Seth Vidal <>

	* db.c: commit Florian's patches to create more indexes in the
	sqlite files made by yum-metadata-parser

2007-07-03  James Bowes <>

	* xml-parser.c: Fix segfault in the xml parser

2007-06-03  James Bowes <jbowes@red


James Bowes 
Florian Festi
Tambet Ingo  <>
Jeremy Katz 
Paul Nasrat
Seth Vidal

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