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A C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool

Ctags generates an index (or tag) file of C language objects found in C source and header files. The index makes it easy for text editors or other utilities to locate the indexed items. Ctags can also generate a cross reference file which lists information about the various objects found in a set of C language files in human readable form. Exuberant Ctags improves on ctags because it can find all types of C language tags, including macro definitions, enumerated values (values inside enum{...}), function and method definitions, enum/struct/union tags, external function prototypes, typedef names and variable declarations. Exuberant Ctags is far less likely to be fooled by code containing #if preprocessor conditional constructs than ctags. Exuberant ctags supports output of Emacs style TAGS files and can be used to print out a list of selected objects found in source files.

Install ctags if you are going to use your system for C programming.

Package version:5.8


Exuberant Ctags
Author: Darren Hiebert <dhiebert at>
        Instant Messaging:
          Yahoo! ID     : dbhiebert
          AIM ScreenName: darrenhiebert

Exuberant Ctags is a multilanguage reimplementation of the much-underused
ctags(1) program and is intended to be the mother of all ctags programs. It
generates indexes 


Current Version: 5.8

ctags-5.8 (09 Jul 2009)
* Removed ".ml" as a Lisp extension (now OCaml) [Lisp].
* Added support for Ant language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for DOS Batch language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for Flex (Adobe) language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for MATLAB language, contributed by David Fishburn.
* Added support for 


Frequently Asked Questions

    * 1.  Why do you call it "Exuberant Ctags"?
    * 2.  Why doesn't my editor work with these tag files?
    * 3.  What are these strange bits of text beginning with ;"?
    * 4.  Why doesn't XEmacs' Speedbar module work with Exuberant Ctags?
    * 5.  Why doesn't Xemacs correctly locate the tag in the source file?
    * 6.  Why doesn't NEdi


CTAGS(1)                   Exuberant Ctags                  CTAGS(1)

       ctags - Generate


		       Version 2, June 1991

 Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Softw

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