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API documentation, demos and example programs for qt4

The qt-doc package contains the man pages, the HTML documentation and example programs.

Install qt-devel-docs if you want to develop GUI applications using the Qt toolkit.

Package version:4.2.1


These demonstrations are intended to highlight Qt's capabilities in different
application areas, and provide examples that are more advanced than those in
the examples directory.

Beginners to Qt may wish to try out the Qt tutorial and some of the examples
before examining the demonstrations in detail.

The example launcher can be used to explore the different categories
available. It provides an


The interview example shows the same model and selection being shared
between three different views.


Qt is supplied with a number of example applications and demonstrations that
have been written to provide developers with examples of the Qt API in use,
highlight good programming practise, and showcase features found in each of
Qt's core technologies.

The example and demo launcher can be used to explore the different categories
available. It provides an overview of each example, lets you view th


Qt Designer is a capable graphical user interface designer that lets you
create and configure forms 


Qt provides features to enable applications to integrate with the user's
preferred desktop environme


Qt includes standard dialogs for many common operations, such as file
selection, printing, and color


Qt supports native drag and drop on all platforms via an extensible
MIME-based system that enables a


Qt is provided with a comprehensive canvas through the GraphicsView

These examples demonst

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