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A security tool which acts as a wrapper for TCP daemons

The tcp_wrappers package provides small daemon programs which can monitor and filter incoming requests for systat, finger, FTP, telnet, rlogin, rsh, exec, tftp, talk and other network services.

Install the tcp_wrappers program if you need a security tool for filtering incoming network services requests.

This version also supports IPv6.

Package version:7.6


@(#) README 1.30 97/03/21 19:27:21

This is the 7.6 version of the TCP/IP daemon wrapper package.

Thank you for using this program. If you like it, send me a postcard.
My postal address is at the bottom of this file.

Read the BLURB file for a brief summary of what is new. The CHANGES
file gives a complete account of differences with respect to previous

Announcements of new releases of


@(#) README.IRIX 1.2 94/12/28 18:45:58

In the past few months I received several messages with questions from
people that tried to use my tcp wrapper on IRIX 5.x. Some mysteries
could be solved via email, and then some remained.

Today I finally had a chance to do some tests on someones IRIX 5.2
system.  Here is my first-hand experience with wrapper release 6.3.

(1) Inetd is broken. Normally one


@(#) README.NIS 1.2 96/02/11 17:24:52

> Problem: I have several [machines] with multiple IP addresses, and
> when they try to connect to a daemon with tcp wrapper, they are often
> rejected.  I assume this is due to the -DPARANOID option, and depends
> on which IP address is returned first from the nameserver for a given
> name.   This behavior seems to be random, may depend on ordering in
> the 


SAFE_FINGER(8)        Linux Programmer's Manual       SAFE_FINGER(8)

       safe_finger  -  


TCPD(8)                                                      TCPD(8)

       tcpd - access co


TRY-FROM(8)           Linux Programmer's Manual          TRY-FROM(8)

       try-from - test 


Request: after building the programs, please run the `tcpdchk' wrapper
configuration checker. See th

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