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A text hyphenation library

Hyphen is a library for high quality hyphenation and justification.
Package version:2.4


Hyphen - hyphenation library to use converted TeX hyphenation patterns
(C) 1998 Raph Levien
(C) 2001 ALTLinux, Moscow
(C) 2006, 2007, 2008 László Németh
This was part of libHnj library by Raph Levien.
Peter Novodvorsky from ALTLinux cut hyphenation part from libHnj
to use it in
Compound word and non-standard hyphenation support by László Németh.
License is the orig


Brief explanation of the hyphenation algorithm herein.[1]

Raph Levien <>
4 Aug 1998

   The hyphenation algorithm is basically the same as Knuth's TeX
algorithm. However, the implementation is quite a bit faster.

   The hyphenation files from TeX can almost be used directly. There
is a preprocessing step, however. If you don't do the preprocessing
step, you'll get bad hyphenations (i


Non-standard hyphenation

Some languages use non-standard hyphenation; `discretionary'
character changes at hyphenation points. For example,
Catalan: paral·lel -> paral-lel,
Dutch: omaatje -> oma-tje,
German (before the new orthography): Schiffahrt -> Schiff-fahrt,
Hungarian: asszonnyal -> asz-szony-nyal (multiple occurance!)
Swedish: tillata -> till-lata.

Using this ext


2008-05-01 László Németh <nemeth at OOo>:
        * hyphen.c, hyphen.h: compound word hyphenation


* need a pattern generator for non-standard and compound hyphenation patterns
* add Unicode case con


Libhnj was written by Raph Levien <raph at acm dot org>.

Original Libhnj source with OOo's patches 

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