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Mellanox InfiniBand HCA Userspace Driver

Mellanox hardware driver for use with libibverbs user space verbs access library. This driver supports Mellanox based Single Data Rate and Dual Data Rate cards, including those from Cisco, Topspin, and Voltaire. It does not support the Connect-X architecture based Quad Data Rate cards (libmlx4 handles that hardware).
Package version:1.0.5



libmthca is a userspace driver for Mellanox InfiniBand HCAs.  It works
as a plug-in module for libibverbs that allows programs to use
Mellanox hardware directly from userspace.  See the libibverbs package
for more information.

Using libmthca

libmthca will be loaded and used automatically by programs linked with
libibverbs.  The ib_mthca kernel module mus


2006-11-09  Roland Dreier  <>

	* Release version 1.0.3.

2006-10-17  Roland Dreier  <>

	* src/cq.c, src/qp.c, src/srq.c: Convert existing uses of mb() to
	rmb() or wmb() as appropriate.  In fact all memory barriers were
	really just wmb(), except for the barrier between reading a CQE's
	ownership bit and contents, which should be rmb().

	* src/mthca.h: Add comp


Roland Dreier		<>
Michael S. Tsirkin	<>


This software is available to you under a choice of one of two
licenses.  You may choose to be licen

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