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Library to simplify the drawing of beautiful curves

This library will take an array of spiro control points and convert them into a series of bézier splines which can then be used in the myriad of ways the world has come to use béziers.
Package version:20071029


This is a shared library designed to give FontForge (and others) access to
Raph Levien's spiro splines. 

You may (possibly) be able to obtain more recent versions of Spiro from
use the script to do so.

To build, type
    make install

Currently I extract very little from spiro, just the bare minimum to convert
a serie


README for ppedit

Raph Levien
4 May 2007

ppedit is my prototype application for editing curves using my
curvature-continuous spirals. While I have used this code to draw many
font outlines, it is very rough around the edges, and is far from a
polished tool.

== License and patent grant ==

All code in this package is released under the terms of the GNU GPL,
version 2 or later, at your choice.


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