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Qt Widgets for Technical Applications

The Qwt library contains GUI Components and utility classes which are primarily useful for programs with a technical background. Besides a 2D plot widget it provides scales, sliders, dials, compasses, thermometers, wheels and knobs to control or display values, arrays or ranges of type double.
Package version:5.1.1


The Qwt Widget Library

      Qwt is an extension to the Qt GUI library from Troll Tech AS.  
      The Qwt library contains widgets and components which are 
      primarily useful for technical and scientifical purposes.
      It includes a 2-D plotting widget, different kinds of sliders, 
      and much more.

      Qwt is hosted at



Release 5.1.1

Bug Fixes
1) Several compiler incompatibilities fixed
2) DBL_EPSILON removed 
   Using DBL_EPSILON in the calculations of the dials/sliders and the 
   scale engines leads to problems with the inaccuracy of floating points.
   The behaviour has been reverted to 5.0.x.
3) QwtSlider/QwtKnob
   setScaleDraw() fixed.
4) QwtRect
   Pointless private declarat


                             Qwt License
                           Version 1.0, January 1, 2003

The Qwt library and included programs are provided under the terms
of the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL) with the following

    1. Widgets that are subclassed from Qwt widgets do not
       constitute a derivative work.

    2. Static linking of applications and widgets to the

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