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System Information Gatherer And Reporter

The Sigar API provides a portable interface for gathering system information such as: - System memory, swap, CPU, load average, uptime, logins - Per-process memory, CPU, credential info, state, arguments, environment, open files - File system detection and metrics - Network interface detection, configuration info and metrics - Network route and connection tables

This information is available in most operating systems, but each OS has their own way(s) providing it. SIGAR provides developers with one API to access this information regardless of the underlying platform.

Package version:1.6.5


Visit the SIGAR Wiki for documentation, bugs, support, etc.:


2010-04-28  Doug MacEachern  <>

	* 1.6.4 release

	* GPL v2 license -> Apache 2 license

	* (SIGAR-188) implement mem actual free/used on Windows

2010-04-27  Doug MacEachern  <>

	* (SIGAR-215) use swapctl SC_LIST for Solaris swap_get impl

2010-04-15  Doug MacEachern  <>

	* osf1 no longer supported

	* netware no longer supported

	* (SIGAR-20


Doug MacEachern <dougm at>

Jan Kneschke <jan at>

Matthew Kent <mkent at>

Ryan Beasley <rbeasley at>

Bjoern Martin <boris59 at>

Kay Ropke <kroepke at classdump.local>

Ryan Morgan <rmorgan at>

Monty Taylor <mordred at>

Trevor Pounds <trevor.pounds at>

Jon Travis <jtravis at>

Tony Ashbur


                              Apache License
                        Version 2.0, January 2004

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