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A complete ODBC driver manager for Linux

Install unixODBC if you want to access databases through ODBC. This package includes low-level drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and local files. However, the included drivers are not as up-to-date as the ones distributed separately. It is recommended that you install and use the MyODBC package if you need a driver for MySQL, and/or the postgresql-odbc package for PostgreSQL.
Package version:2.2.11


Release History

NOTE: I have moved what was here into ChangeLog, it seemed to 
make more sense that way (NG).

Release 2.2.10 29-Sep-2004
Release 2.2.9 24-Jan-2004
Release 2.2.8 17-Feb-2004
Release 2.2.7 02-Dec-2003
Release 2.2.6 21-July-2003
Release 2.2.5 26-Feb-2003
Release 2.2.4 24-January-2003
Release 2.2.3 23-August-2002
Release 2.2.2 8-July-2002
Release 2.2.1 23-Mar-2002 


    * Fix a couple of typo errors in postgres driver and odbctest
    * Fix problem where ini files could be truncated under heavy
    * Fix potential hang with FILEDSN's if the connect string included 
      a DSN= entry as well
    * Don't save the SAVEFILE attribute in the filedsn.
    * Fixed bug that prevented the setting of some attributes via the 
      DMConnAttr method
    * Re


Authors of unixODBC...

Peter Harvey <>
Nick Gorham <>

The PostgreSQL Driver was modified from the standard PostgreSQL 
ODBC driver (

The NNTP Driver as written by Ke Jin

The MySQL driver is a mirror from the MySQL folks.

Other contributors include (in no particular order)

Jon Pounder
Martin Evans
Lars Doelle
Manush Dodunekov


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