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CPU monitor for the Xfce panel

A CPU monitor plugin for the Xfce panel. It offers multiple display modes (LED, gradient, fire, etc...) to show the current CPU load of the system. The colors and the size of the plugin are customizable.
Package version:0.4.0


CPU Graph plugin for the XFce4 panel.

This plugin displays an graph from your latest system load.

Currently supporting Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.
The *BSD support is from Riccardo's <> system load plugin.

i18n support is on it's way.

Color description:
	Color 1: None - Normal: The color of the whole graph.
			LED: The color of the inactive leds.
			No Histor


- Ported to Xfce 4.4 panel API
- Use xfce4-dev-tools
- Use real frame widget

- Cleanup/Refactoring all code
- Split in several file
- Add one cpu bar graph activity for each cpu core
- Remove fire and frequency color mode (go back in futur)
- Remove time scalling view mode (go back in futur)
- Remove *BSD code (go back in next released)
- Add a new view mode : the grid
- A


2007-11-22  ludovic mercier  <>

	* panel-plugin: Split code in several files, cleanup and 
	refactoring code. Remove timescaling, remove *BSD code, remove 
	fire color and frequency modes.
	Add bar graph for each cpu core.
	Add grid view mode
	Add associate command (default is xterm top)

2007-05-07 22:30 phase

	* panel-plugin/cpu.c, cpu.h, os.c, os.h: Added 'cpufreq' color



* Even more modes
* Add *BSD code in cpu_os (see 0.3.0)
* Add Frequency color mode ? (see 0.3.0)
* A


Alexander Nordfelth <>
gatopeich <>
lidiriel <lidiriel@


 Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
 modification, are permitted pro

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