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Places menu for the Xfce panel

A menu with quick access to folders, documents, and removable media. The Places plugin brings much of the functionality of GNOME’s Places menu to Xfce. It puts a simple button on the panel. Clicking on this button opens up a menu with 4 sections: 1) System-defined directories (home folder, trash, desktop, file system) 2) Removable media (using thunar-vfs) 3) User-defined bookmarks (reads ~/.gtk-bookmarks) 4) Recent documents submenu (requires GTK v2.10 or greater)
Package version:1.0.0


See for more information.

This xfce4-places-plugin brings much of the functionality of GNOME's Places menu to Xfce.

The plugin adds a small button to the panel. Clicking on it opens a menu, which shows:
 1) System folders: home directory, trash, desktop, file system
 2) Removable media
 3) User-defined bookmarks
 4) Recent Docume


xfce4-places-plugin v1.0.0 released

 * Added "Mount and Open" action for removabe media (Bug #3565)
 * Fixed make distcheck errors
 * Fixed menu "blinking" when ~/.gtk-bookmarks not found
 * Fixed always showing "No items found" in recent documents 
   with GTK 2.12 (Bug #3605)
 * Adopted menu positioning 


2007-10-25	Diego Ongaro <>

	* model.c: Don't debug (possibly invalid) bookmark label on free
	* cfg.c: String change
	* Prep for v1.0.0

2007-10-22	Diego Ongaro <>

	*, po/ fix make distcheck errors

2007-10-16	Diego Ongaro <>

	* model_user.c: Don't always return TRUE in changed() when
	~/.gtk-bookmarks is missing (re


use less resources
path/uri mess
new tooltip API in GTK 2.12
error messages and notifications for (u


Diego Ongaro (


                    GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
                       Version 2, June 1991


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