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Fast anti-spam filtering by Bayesian statistical analysis

Bogofilter is a Bayesian spam filter. In its normal mode of operation, it takes an email message or other text on standard input, does a statistical check against lists of "good" and "bad" words, and returns a status code indicating whether or not the message is spam. Bogofilter is designed with fast algorithms (including Berkeley DB system), coded directly in C, and tuned for speed, so it can be used for production by sites that process a lot of mail.

Available rpmbuild rebuild options : --without : tdb

Package version:1.1.7


Files in this directory

README.contrib - the file you are now reading.

QDBM-transactions.patch - a patch to teach QDBM to use transactions,
    to show how QDBM transaction enhancements might look like. - performs bogofilter functions via email

bogo.R - Script to check calculations performed by bogofilter. - Sendmail::Milter Perl script 


It seems that training bogofilter on its errors _only_ is a very good
way to train, at least with the Robinson-Fisher or Bayes chain rule
calculation methods.  The way this works is: messages from the training
corpus are picked at random (without replacement, ie no message is used
more than once) and fed to bogofilter for evaluation.  If bogofilter
gets the classification right, nothing further is


		Bogofilter -- fast Bayesian spam filtering

# $Id: README 6666 2007-07-23 11:12:00Z m-a $


0. Important
1. What is Bogofilter?
2. Documentation
3. Installing Bogofilter
4. How to contribute
5. How to request features
6. Building & Installing Bogofilter from Source Tarball or SVN
  a. Downloading
  b. Building & Installing
  c. Configuring
  d. Changing Bogofilter
7. License



README.svn -- How to build bogofilter from Subversion (SVN)
$Id: README.svn 6666 2007-07-23 11:12:00


Compiling Bogofilter on RISC OS

There are two prerequisites for com


The bogofilter ./configure script cannot currently auto-detect the
non-standard install location of 


Compiling Bogofilter on HP-UX
Bogofilter has been tested on HP-UX 11.0


$Id: README.memory-checking 5251 2005-01-03 02:14:45Z m-a $

Bogofilter's test suite has support for

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