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Reliably tunnel TCP connections over ICMP packets

Ping Tunnel is a tool for reliably tunneling TCP connections over ICMP echo request and reply packets (commonly known as ping requests and replies). It is useful for evading firewalls that, for whatever reason, prevent outgoing TCP connections, but allow in- and outgoing ICMP packets. The tunnel works by having a proxy run on a machine ping-able from the inside of the firewall, with the client running on the local machine from which TCP access is required.
Package version:0.70


PingTunnel Read Me

What is ptunnel?
Ptunnel is an application that allows you to reliably tunnel TCP connections
to a remote host using ICMP echo request and reply packets, commonly known as
ping requests and replies.

Contact details
You can the author, Daniel Stoedle, here:
The official ptunnel website is located here:



ptunnel(8)              Yellow Lemon Software             ptunnel(8)

       ptunnel - tunnel TCP connections over ICMP echo request/reply

       ptunnel  -p  proxy_address  -lp  listen_port   -da   destina‚Äź
       tion_address -dp dest_port [-c network_device] [-v verbosity]
       [-u] [-x password] [-f file] [-udp] [-syslog]

       ptunnel [-c network_device]


PingTunnel Changelog

0.70 - 12. January 2009
- Added rudimentary support for tunneling over udp port 53.
- Added built-in support for compiling on Windows, thanks to Mike Miller.
- Added syslog support, also courtesy of Mike Miller.
- Experimental support for spoofing the source IP address. The source
  address must be explicitly configured in the source code, and it might


Copyright (c) 2004-2009, Daniel Stoedle <>,
Yellow Lemon Software. All rights reser

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