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AES-based encryption tool for tar/cpio and loop-aes images

aespipe is an encryption tool that reads from standard input and writes to standard output. It uses the AES (Rijndael) cipher.

It can be used as an encryption filter, to create and restore encrypted tar/cpio backup archives and to read/write and convert loop-AES compatible encrypted images.

aespipe can be used for non-destructive in-place encryption of existing disk partitions for use with the loop-AES encrypted loopback kernel module.

Package version:2.3d


Written by Jari Ruusu <>, February 23 2007

Copyright 2002-2007 by Jari Ruusu.
Redistribution of this file is permitted under the GNU Public License.

Table of Contents
1.    General information
2.    How to compile aespipe program
3.    Examples
3.1.  Example 1 - Encrypted archive with seeded and iterated key setup
3.2.  Example 2 - Encrypted arch


AESPIPE(1)                    COMMANDS                    AESPIPE(1)

       aespipe - AES encrypting or decrypting pipe

       aespipe [options] <inputfile >outputfile

       aespipe reads from standard input and writes to standard out‐
       put. It can be used to create and restore  encrypted  tar  or
       cpio archives. It can be used to encrypt and decrypt l


aespipe-v1.0b     May 14 2002
    - First release to public

aespipe-v2.0a     October 18 2002
    - IV computation now wraps back to zero at 2^137 bytes instead of 2^41
      bytes (2 TB). First 2 TB is fully compatible with v1.0 version.
    - Added '-K file' and '-G dir' command line options to enable use of
      GnuPG encrypted key files.

aespipe-v2.1a     December 26 2002
    - Added ./conf

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