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Header files, libraries and development documentation for ladspa

This package contains the header files, static libraries and development documentation for ladspa. If you like to develop programs using ladspa, you will need to install ladspa-devel.
Package version:1.12



<P>[Version numbers relate to the SDK, not the <CODE>ladspa.h</CODE>
header file itself.]</P>

<H2>Version 1.01 - 2 Apr 2000</H2>

<LI>Initial Release with header file, limited documentation, three
plugins and two hosts.</LI>


<H2>Version 1.02 - 4 May 2000</H2>

<LI>Introduction of version numbering for SDK.</LI>

<LI>Plugins added, bringing basic example set to 


<H1>LADSPA and LADSPA SDK License</H1>

<P>The LADSPA Software Development Kit and the LADSPA plugin API
itself are licensed under <A HREF="COPYING">LGPL version 2.1</A>.</P>

<P>Please note that this is <EM>not intended to be the final license
for LADSPA</EM>. In the long term it is hoped that LADSPA will have a
public license that is even less restrictive, so that commercial
applications can use

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