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POP3 client library

libspopc is an easy-to-use POP3 client library that Its primary goal is to provide an easy and quick way to host a POP3 client in a program. It is fully reentrant (when built with -D_RENTRANT) and implements the client side of RFC 1939. It can download email headers and delete emails remotely without actualy downloading the entire message.
Package version:0.7.5



Typing "make list" will list make targets you can use.
Typing "make examples" will build executable examples.

See examples/ directory to learn how to use libspopc.
libspopc.h is also a good start to study the 2 APIs
(one high level, on low-level, make your choice)

if you are under windows, compile with:
make FLAGS='-Wall -g -DWIN32' LDFLAGS='-lwsock32'

if you want libspopc fully reentra


2007-05-19	Bernard Hatt <>
	Files:	session.c

	Msg:	remove buggy ';' in deep copy (infinite loop)
			releasing libspopc-0.7.5

2007-03-20	Normen Bolling <>
	Files:	queries.c

	Msg:	re-use returned buffer by first realloc() in recv_rest()
			fixes double free on second realloc() call.
			releasing libspopc-0.7.4

2007-03-15	me	<>
	Files:	session.c


Original author: Benoit Rouits	<>
Windows port: Juni Kivilahti <>
SSL support: Jeff Pohlmeyer <>

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