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Header files, libraries and development documentation for libxml++

This package contains the header files, static libraries and development documentation for libxml++. If you like to develop programs using libxml++, you will need to install libxml++-devel.
Package version:2.19.1



Simple parsing examples:
  dom_parser - Shows how to parse an XML Document with the DOM parser.
  sax_parser - Shows how to parse an XML Document with the SAX parser.

Building XML doxuments:
  dom_build - Shows how to build an XML document using the DOM Parser API.
  sax_parser_build_dom - Shows how to parse an XML document with the SAX parser, building a separate custom DOM as you par


This is meant to check that the XML file will not be corrupted when
read in and written out again. It might be rearranged again, but the
significant contents should not be changed.


This example demonstrates how to use a SAX parser to build a custom DOM 
inherited from libxml++ nodes. If an application document is sufficiently 
complex, it will have an object hierarchy structure. libxml++ provides a 
generic tree structure with serialization and parsing facilities builtin.
By making classes inherit from libxml++, it is easy to leverage these 
facilities. Classic examples of a

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