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Python interface for BerkeleyDB 3.x and 4.x

Berkeley DB is a programmatic toolkit that provides high-performance built-in database support for desktop and server applications.

The Berkeley DB access methods include B+tree, Extended Linear Hashing, Fixed and Variable-length records, and Queues. Berkeley DB provides full transactional support, database recovery, online backups, multi-threaded and multi-process access, etc.

The Python wrappers allow you to store Python string objects of any length, keyed either by strings or integers depending on the database access method. With the use of another module in the package standard shelve-like functionality is provided allowing you to store any picklable Python object!

Package version:4.6.2


bsddb3 v4.6.x

This module is intended to be the definitive modern Berkeley DB
interface for Python.  It should be both backwards compatible with
the earlier (circa Python 1.5 to 2.2) "bsddb" module in addition to
providing access to the much more powerful interface found in
Berkeley DB 3.x and


Documentation in ReST format. You can read them "as is", or you can
process it first with Python "docutils" package.

The root document is "contents.rst".

The "make" process is taken directly from the Python 2.6 documentation.
If you do "make html", you can find the generated HTML in directory
"build/html/". You don't need to to this if you only want to read
the documentation.

Files "Makefile", 


  * Support for MVCC (MultiVersion Concurrency Control).
  * Support for DB_DSYNC_LOG, DB_DSYNC_DB and DB_OVERWRITE flags.
  * Move old documentation to ReST format. This is important for several
    reasons, notably to be able to integrate the documentation "as is"
    in python official docs (from Python 2.6).
  * Don't include Berkeley DB documentation. Link to the online version.
  * DB


bsddb3.db v3.0
March 23, 2001

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