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Zope 3 Interface Infrastructure

Interfaces are a mechanism for labeling objects as conforming to a given API or contract.

This is a separate distribution of the zope.interface package used in Zope 3.

Package version:3.0.1


Zope Project Packages

The zope package is a pure namespace package holding packages
developed as part of the Zope 3 project.

Generally, the immediate subpackages of the `zope` package should be
useful and usable outside of the Zope application server.  Subpackages
of the `zope` package should have minimal interdependencies, although
most depend on `zope.interface`.

The one



.. contents::

Interfaces are objects that specify (document) the external behavior
of objects that "provide" them.  An interface specifies behavior

- Informal documentation in a doc string

- Attribute definitions

- Invariants, which are conditions that must hold for objects that
  provide the interface

Attribute definitions specify specific attribut


The Zope Interfaces Package

This is a separate distribution of the zope.interface package used in
Zope 3, along with the packages it depends on.

This package is a standard distutils package; build it with the command:

    python build

You can now install it with:

    python install

You may need to do the later as a pri

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