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Tool to provide statistics based on the output of diff

The diff command compares files line by line. Diffstat reads the output of the diff command and displays a histogram of the insertions, deletions and modifications in each file. Diffstat is commonly used to provide a summary of the changes in large, complex patch files.

Install diffstat if you need a program which provides a summary of the diff command's output.

Package version:1.53


$Id: README,v 1.5 2001/10/11 00:23:46 tom Exp $

Readme file for DiffStat.

This program is a simple filter that reads the output of the 'diff' program,
and produces a histogram of the total number of lines that were changed.  It is
useful for scanning a patch file to see which files were changed.


DIFFSTAT(1)                                              DIFFSTAT(1)

       diffstat - make histogram from diff-output

       diffstat [options] [file-specifications]

       This  program  reads  the  output of diff and displays a his‐
       togram of the insertions, deletions, and  modifications  per-
       file.   Diffstat  is  a  program that is useful for rev


-- $Id: CHANGES,v 1.64 2010/07/19 09:50:32 tom Exp $

2010/07/19 (diffstat 1.53)

	+ add missing "break" statement which left "-c" option falling-through
	  into "-C".

2010/07/16 (diffstat 1.52)

	+ add "-C" option to show the histogram using SGR colors.

	+ add "-s" option to show only the summary line.

	+ add configure check for "xz", using this in preference to "lzcat"
	  (FreeBSD #148604).



 * Copyright 1994-20

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