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HA-Proxy is a TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments

HA-Proxy is a TCP/HTTP reverse proxy which is particularly suited for high availability environments. Indeed, it can: - route HTTP requests depending on statically assigned cookies - spread the load among several servers while assuring server persistence through the use of HTTP cookies - switch to backup servers in the event a main one fails - accept connections to special ports dedicated to service monitoring - stop accepting connections without breaking existing ones - add/modify/delete HTTP headers both ways - block requests matching a particular pattern

It needs very little resource. Its event-driven architecture allows it to easily handle thousands of simultaneous connections on hundreds of instances without risking the system's stability.

Package version:1.1.34


                             H A - P r o x y
                             How to build it
                              version 1.1.33
                              willy tarreau

To build haproxy, you will need :
  - GNU make. Neither Solaris nor OpenBSD's make


ChangeLog :

2006/01/29 : 1.1.34
  - the "retries" option was ignored because connect() could not return an
    error if the connection failed before the timeout.
  - fixed a nasty bug affecting poll/epoll which could return unmodified data
    from the server to the client, and sometimes lead to memory corruption
    crashing the process. It did not affect select() code but had to be 


* x-forwarded-for
* impl�menter l'option "log global" au niveau proxy pour utiliser les logs
* matching case-insensitive
* impl�menter outgoing addr
* loguer t_cnx, t_data, t_total
+ factoriser la fonction de log (send_log = send_syslog+warning+alert)
+ d�sactivation du keep-alive (suppression des ^Connection: et ajout des Connection: close)
  -> 4 lignes (2 del, 2 add) suffisent.
+ ne 

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Download haproxy-1.1.34-1.el4.test.i386.rpm

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